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I stand for this cause, for Brandon Brown, more than my distaste for former VP Biden. Brandon Brown has been robbed of sponsors because he won a race. A MSM reporter tried to spin the reality of what was happening and stole his moment. He was dropped from corporate sponsors and struggled to find his own. Nascar canceled one of their own, for doing nothing but trying to distance himself from the whole FJB/LGB mantra. He was forced to take his new sponsor just so he could race. They tried to stop it, and have failed. This sponsor is going to draw 100x more attention now. The absolute definition of a back fire. No pun intended based on the sport, wait, yes pun intended.

Get in now and strap in for the ride to the moon. 8 figure deal. Going to be crazy promo off the track. Nascar is going to regret this choice. #standwithbrandonbrown #LetsGoBrandon #lgbcoin #FreeSpeech

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